Yotta Community Packages/Modules?

Hey Everyone,

I guess this question is to the mbed staff.

When or will it be possible for community members to add packages (modules) to the Yotta site?

If this is not going to be possible, can you add a feature to yotta its self to have the ability to be able to pull modules from other sites? Therefore allowing the community to have there own mbed module repository site?

There are multiple modules i want to make but no where to properly host them as of yet.



Hi @motters,

there are already some public modules from community members as I can see, search here: http://yotta.mbed.com/

Did you test yotta publish on your modules?

You can use github for example, not only yotta public registry.

(for a guide to using private modules with yotta see here)

Sorry late,

Alright that’s cool but I think I’m missing something. I’m going to give it a try and see what happens :smiley:.

Just to clarify, the answer is yes!

The yotta registry is open for anyone to add modules.

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