"Your linux version is not officialy supported"

I’m running an Ubuntu 20.04 and wanted to install Mbed studio. After accepting the license there is a long pause and finally the following text appears: “Your linux version is not officialy supported”. What is the exact problem here? I don’t want to go back several ubuntu versions, Mbed Studio claims to support 18.04 but why exactly? For several applications (skype for example) you download the version marked with some older release but it works on the more recent. Please, could you fix this?

Hi Maciej,

thanks for getting in touch with us.

At the moment the only officialy supported releases for Linux are Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04. By officially supported we mean that the platform is propertly tested and we know that Mbed Studio works as intended. Unfortunately adding support for a new platform is not trivial, mainly because Mbed Studio uses third-party software (like Clangd, used for intellisense) that is platform-specific and requires some effort to be integrated and tested.

The good news is that Ubuntu 20.04 is among our target platforms, so you might expect Mbed Studio to be supported soon.

If you have any other question, please just let us know.