I can not read all elements from the AD9102 Board-SRAM

Dear community, I am using an another board to connect to AD9102 board from analog devices via SPI. Now I can read and write but only until 100 Elements in the SRAM of the AD9102 board. If the are more than 100 Elements written to the SRAM, then the return value is 0x0000 of all the element readied from the SRAM.
Is there a better documentation for the AD9102 board.
To write or read from the SRAM AD9102 the following registers have to be configured.
0x0027 = 0x0030 , DAC output , read waveform between start and stop addr.
0x005D = 0x0000, start addr in SRAM
0x005E = 0x…0 , stop addr in the SRAM
0x001E = 0x0004 allow Meme Access and write
0x001E = 0x000C , allow meme access and read
0x001E = 0x0001 Run bit start wave form
0x0000 = 0x0000 , SPI config register.

I used to learn more about AD9102 the example EVAL-AD910x.
Best Regard,
Iordan Pentchev.