Any ideas on what could be causing the mbed.h file to not be found?


usually badly imported Mbed library or whole project or project with incompatible Mbed library version.

BR, Jan

It’s the mbed2-example-blinky provided as an example by Keil Studio. How could it be bad?

You did not write anything so I can not know it is mbed2 example from KeilStudio and I gave you just few variants of possibilities.
Try delete the project and create new one again.

BR, Jan

Hi Jacob,

thanks for reporting this issue. We are investigating it.

Federico - Keil Studio Cloud team

Hi Jacob_Baker,

I have been investigating this problem you have encountered and I think I have found the cause of it. The project name you have given contains a special character (#). It looks like this is preventing the compile_commands.json file from being created, which is needed for intelliSense to work.

I will raise a ticket for this in the internal defect management system.

Can you try renaming your project using the context menu in the Explorer tree so that it doesn’t contain this special character and then re-activating this renamed project and viewing the main.cpp file. Hopefully the errors will no longer be reported in the Problems view for you. If this doesn’t solve the problem try re-selecting the LPC1768 entry from the Build Target dropdown control.

Let me know how you get on.

Kanthan - Studio team