Fatal error: mbed.h file not found

Hi all
I am a newbie to mbed.
I faced an issue while compiling my first program which is blinking a led. During compiling it shows ‘‘fatal error: mbed.h file not found’’. My board is STM32F401RE.

Please share with me if you have any idea about this issue.
Thanks in advance

Hello Akanksha,

Your project doesn’t seem to have a mbed (used for deprecated Mbed OS 2 projects) or mbed-os library included. I’d suggest to delete the project and create a new one. When you are asked to specify which template to use select the mbed OS Blinky LED HelloWorld. Once created, make sure both main.cpp and mbed-os are in your new project.

Best regards, Zoltan

Thanks Zoltan,
It is working after following your advice.

Thank you Zoltan Hudak, your solution helped me too.