Import from Mbed error

Error after doing import from mbed in keil menu.
The mbed-os error seems to have been fixed by changing the version, but the error occurs from KW40Z.h.
There is an error in the picture(header file). Is there a way to fix it?

Hi @yiruri,

Can you please provide few more information about this problem?

  • Can you successfully compile the program? It’s possible that error is only in C/C++ intellisense
  • Is you project hosted anywhere on Source Control Management? We can then try it

Arek - Studio team

Compiles on mbed but fails to build on keil.
I am not hosting

It’s a problems.

Hi @yiruri

The Problems view is able to suggest problematic points in your code, but not always correct analysis (and this is not build error) . You can simply ignore this diagnostic information.

I personally never use this Problems view. :wink:


Indeed. Problems panel is part of C/C++ intellisense. We are actively working on improving it to make sure that there are no false positives there.

Arek - Studio team

When I click the build button, the build fails like this.

Hello yiruri,

on your first picture above I saw mbed-os 5.1.4, which is very old version and also probably unsupported in new tools. So try update to Mbed OS 5.15.9 that will give you a chance to run your project without significant changes.

If you want also migrate to MbedOS6+ then you must follow errors from compilation a rework some things.

However if this project is public and you can share we, then can try direct help.

BR, Jan

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Oh! mbed-os version was updated to 6.
When I changed to 5.15.9, the build succeeded. thank you!