Can anyone else unstage a file or submit feedback?

I added all changes in my repo, but couldn’t unstage one of the files. I get the following output in the terminal.

usage: git rm [] [–] …

-n, --dry-run         dry run
-q, --quiet           do not list removed files
--cached              only remove from the index
-f, --force           override the up-to-date check
-r                    allow recursive removal
--ignore-unmatch      exit with a zero status even if nothing matched

Then I tried to submit a feedback form and got the following after disabling my ad blockers.

Failed to display the feedback form. Please disable any installed Ad-Blockers.

Is anyone else having these issues?

Hi @fossum_13,

can you please post a gif or a screenshot of the SCM panel (where git is used)?


Federico - Keil Studio Cloud team

Well shoot. The problem is gone.

I think it was fixed when I linked my Github account. Steps I can remember:

  1. Create new project from template.
  2. Stage all files.
  3. Click minus symbol on a single file to unstage.
  4. …who knows what I did for a bit…
  5. Linked Github account
  6. Commited changes.
  7. Added/staged new file
  8. Clicked same minus, but no error.