CMSIS DSP arm_fft_bin example gives fatal error: 'arm_const_structs.h' file not found error


I am testing the CMSIS-DSP example programs in Mbed OS6. Zoltan Hudak has given a solution how to import CMSIS-DSP into mbed project (CMSIS DSP support forthcoming?). His solution works fine to import CMSIS-DSP into a Mbed OS6 project in Mbed studio or Keil Studio Cloud. The latest CMSIS_5-5.9.0 includes CMSIS-DSP which I have down loaded. Some of the examples work fine but the CMSIS_5-5.9.0\CMSIS\DSP\Examples\ARM\arm_fft_bin_example gives fatal error: ‘arm_const_structs.h’ file not found error.

My impression is that it is looking for file in the CMSIS-DSP include folder. When CMSIS-DSP was imported into the project, maybe the include folders were never imported? Can you please give me guidance to solve the problem?

The CMSIS_DSP FIR example works fine in OS6 when following Zoltan Hudak solution.


Solved after working through the documentation.