Compilation error: "L6236E: No section matches selector" after exporting to Keil

I imported a code using mbed-dev into my online compiler (from

It compiles smoothly on the online compiler, however, when I exported it to Keil uVision5 ARM6 for use on my desktop. However, it fails to compile due to the error
“error: L6236E: No section matches selector - no section to be FIRST/LAST.”

I ensured that there is a startup file in the same folder as the scatterfile.

Anyone knows how to solve this issue?

scatter file and startup file location seems to be very deep in the target (not sure if that’s the problem) " …\mbed-dev\targets\TARGET_STM\TARGET_STM32F4\TARGET_STM32F446xE\device\TOOLCHAIN_ARM_STD\stm32f446xx "
Trying to import it for NUCLEO-F446RE
IDE-Version: µVision V5.29
C Compiler: ArmClang.exe V6.13.1

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