Compiler Error 230 on all programs

ANY program I import will not compile and ALL give a Compiler Error 230
Is there a problem with the OS or am I doing something wrong?
I updated everything I could but still get the same error.

I’m not aware of any system wide issues. Please specify what program you’re trying to import, and on what board. Are you using the online compiler or offline compiler?

Lin, team Mbed

Thank you for the concern,

I’m using the online compiler with a Nucleo F767ZI.

If I write a simple program like a binky, it will compile
and run OK.

If I import ANY program like:





OR any program less a very simple binky I get a Compiler Error 230

Thank you!

The I2C_scanner is an old Mbed 2 program. I recommend you migrate this to Mbed OS 5. I tried migration with Mbed CLI, I was able to build.

Lin, team Mbed