Current status of support for BBC Micro:bit

I am trying to develop an application to run on the u:bit. But just trying to compile various examples I have found (like the stuff from Lancaster U) leads to compile errors and no binary produced, with the web based compiler. At least some of the things are talking about mbed 2.0, and not the current version. I haven’t tried the offline tool chain, the lancaster folks talk about it needing other than the default compiler, etc.

The things I need from the system. I need bluetooth HID, specifically the keyboard support, including whatever incantations are required to pair with the usual platforms. I want to issue single keystrokes, at something like 1 per second. I need the to see events on the accelerometer with a resolution of around 0.05 second. I will need to see the onboard buttons at startup, and briefly display digits on the 5x5 display.

So I need to find a way to get things compiled, and hopefully with OS and libraries that aren’t deprecated or discontinued. (I found sample HID with something called TinyBLE, but it was “discontinued” over a year ago.)

I do have most of the code running on the more recent NRF based Adafruit Clue. (in the arduino toolchain no less) but the BBC is a better target, as the client base being for the most part British will have one of the two needed already, now that their 12 year old is bored with it, and can get the second for a tenner new, or pocket change at a car boot sale.

The adafruit is a more interesting package, but has a lot of sensors that I wont be using, the oled screen is overkill, etc… Its also triple the price, and likely fairly scarce in the UK.