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Dear Mbed team and partners,

Development boards | Mbed contains, from my point of view, some things what can lead to mislead or confusion, especially for newcomers.

What the filter has to say to a visitor?

  • according to RTOS filter, the Mbed supports only 29 boards from total 103(174) boards with full profile. I am sure that is not true. For example, where is Mbed LPC1768 or Nucleo-F446RE or NUCLEO-H743ZI2 and etc…
  • according to CAN filter, exist CAN only on six ST targets
  • according to USB Device filter, exist only ST targets (and GR Mango) with USB device
  • according to SD card filter, there are only 30 board and only 3 from ST with SD card

I do not understand what these filter may say, especially Communication or Storage sections. Hardware equipment or MbedOS API support? Both seemts to be not true, I see no logic here.
For example, there is no way we can find out if Mbed supports USB devices on the Nucleo-F446RE until we understand the Mbed code or until we physically test it.
I am sure we can found more issues with different checkboxes.

Boards pages:
Probably each webpage of each board quotes datasheet of product but form my point of view newcomers need to found a list about what the board is equipped with, but neccesary is informations about what exactly is supported on a specific target under the MbedOS. However the features of any board we can read in datasheet before buying it.

There do not seem to be any rules that should be followed, during creating of this information sites.

Cool idea was realized by Jamie Smith but it is still not ideal because there are limits of source.
Finding Targets with Features - Mbed OS - Arm Mbed OS support forum

BR, Jan

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This is what I had mentioned in one of my posts a few months ago. Instead of filters or parametric search, the developers can make a simple chart available for each board or controller with the features supported on mBed. I can understand they are not bothered about mBed 2 but at least mBed 5 and 6 should be considered whilst preparing the tables. I have tried many things but there is nothing which can surely tell you which features are available on a particular controller. I believe the idea behind developing a system like mBed is to reduce the development time, however you lose a lot of time experimenting finding out the available features for each controller.

Yes, I remember our discussion

but probably we are only 2 or 3 who see it like that…

BR, Jan

I think most users must be struggling the way we do however only a few are talking about it. The struggle can’t be avoided. Unfortunately sometimes losses due to the struggle becomes more than the gains from using mBed. It is pity that the developers are not keen on publishing a simple chart for each controller to stop this struggle which in fact not a time consuming job for them.