DEBUG on target NUCLEO-F746ZG

Impossible to start debug session.
I can upload and run, that’s working, but I cannot debug any project.


Raise following error:

Selected port 50001 for debugging

0000638:INFO:board:Target type is stm32f746zg
0000646:INFO:coresight_target:Asserting reset prior to connect
0000654:INFO:dap:DP IDR = 0x5ba02477 (v2 rev5)
0000674:INFO:ap:AP#0 IDR = 0x74770001 (AHB-AP var0 rev7)
0000696:INFO:rom_table:AP#0 ROM table #0 @ 0xe00fd000 (designer=020 part=449)
0000704:INFO:rom_table: AP#0 ROM table #1 @ 0xe00fe000 (designer=43b part=4c8)
0000716:INFO:rom_table: [0]
0000716:INFO:rom_table: AP#0 ROM table #2 @ 0xe00ff000 (designer=43b part=4c7)
0000730:ERROR:ap:Transfer error while reading AP#0 ROM table: SWD/JTAG Transfer Fault @ 0xe000efbc-0xe000f043
0000740:CRITICAL:main:No cores were discovered!

Hello Stefano,

That is probably same problem as with F767ZI. That target is not in the list of targets what are currently supported and verified for a debug in the Mbed Studio.

It is little bit confused because the MbedStudio allow you start the debug (the debug button is active) and it is not working.

BR, Jan