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Debugging NUCLEO L476RG

Hello, I am having trouble using the debug feature in mbed studio for target " Nucleo L476RG". The debug button is never active, is there any config that I need to do to enable it?

Hi Amol,

Official list of supported boards for debug can be found here: Mbed Studio however contains also CMSIS-Packs for many targets (including Nucleo L476RG). It means that Studio should detect your target correctly and debug should be enabled for this target (even if it is not on the list of boards with official debug support).
Does it appear with a green usb icon on target list after connection? In case it doesn’t I recommend checking that ST drivers (Windows Only) and STLink firmware on the board is up to date. You can find more information about it here:

Arek - Mbed Studio team

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Hello Arek,

Thanks for the prompt response. I am using mbed studio on linux(ubuntu 18.04) and when I connect the target, the USB icon is yellow in the target selection box.

Is there any follow up on this - I have updated the drivers per the link and still do not have active debug capability - my indicator is yellow also.