DISCO_F746NG compilation warning: Incompatible redefinition of macro "MBED_RAM_SIZE" in "tmp/WkrRIl"

I’m developing a code for DISCO_F746NG board, natively supported by MBED.

Recently I start to get these messages:

“Warning: Incompatible redefinition of macro “MBED_RAM_START” in “tmp/WkrRIl”, Line: 38, Col: 10” and
“Warning: Incompatible redefinition of macro “MBED_RAM_SIZE” in “tmp/WkrRIl”, Line: 39, Col: 10”

They appears even if I start a new blank project from the template source (like “Blink LED example” or “Touchscreen demo”). In the same time I feel that the programm works weird. This devise is a SMPS power supply PID regulation, and the regulation goes bad simultaneously with these messages.

If I compiling the code for previously used DISCO_F429ZI board - there is no warnings.

Any ideas?

Hi @rmatveev
Thank you for raising this issue!
I reproduced this issue with ARM toolchain, and created https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/issues/11045 to track this.
I also tried using GCC_ARM, and no warning occured. Could you try building with GCC_ARM toolchain, and test your application with that? This could point us whether the bad behavior is related to warnings or not.
Mbed support

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