Hello to all!

After several days of not very successful experiments with different examples and different versions of Mbed, I decided to try to create the simplest project:
As a result, the project does not fit in RAM!
Reduced the size of the code until what was left in the picture.

#define TARGET_NUCLEO_F411RE has no effect on the result.
Based on the fact that the project is assembled correctly under NUCLEO_F767ZI and NUCLEO_F103, I can conclude that the problem is somewhere in the description of NUCLEO_F411RE inside Mbed.
I do not understand what to read and how to solve the problem, I ask for community help.

A few more such unfortunate days and experiments, and I can decide that I need to look for something other and more stable than Mbed :frowning:

BR, Vadim

Sorry, I’m not quite right, the error does not seem to be in Mbed, but in the online compiler.
According to the description, all F411xx have 128 KB of RAM on board.

But then it is not entirely clear why the code from the STM32_ADC_InternalChannels example, which is built and works with the old Mbed library, does not work?
And the memory allocation is more like the truth:

But I will look further.

Hello Vadim,

The online compiler has not been maintained/updated by Mbed for a quite long time.

The following links might help:

Mbed OS taking almost all the available RAM
How can I get the RAM & ROM size of the mbed application using
Code size reporting does not take into account .rodata
Keil Studio Cloud introduction and Mbed Online Compiler retirement

Hello Zoltan

Thanks for the quick and informative reply.
I think, against the background of the news about Mbed Online Compiler retirement, it doesn’t make much sense to deal with everything else on the links.
How to look at memory allocation in Keil is clear to me.

In that case, is there anything stopping me from using the regular version of Keil as well? Or does the online version have some advantages besides the obvious convenience of working without installation and from any computer?
I study STM32 and Mbed as a hobby, remembering the glorious days of MCS51 and QNX (not both at once) :slight_smile:

I’m also just a hobbyist and have neither experience with the regular version of Keil nor with its online version yet. To be honest with you I prefer to work offline (on Linux) with Mbed CLI and the QtCreator IDE.