Where to lookup errors?

The MAX32630 Feather just arrived so I wanted to try programming it, the first compile had 234 warnings but the issues appear to be in files I don’t know how to access:

Warning: Incompatible redefinition of macro “TARGET_NAME” in “extras/mbed-os.lib/targets/TARGET_Maxim/TARGET_MAX32630/device/mxc_device.h”, Line: 49, Col: 10
Warning: #warning directive: toolchain.h has been replaced by mbed_toolchain.h, please update to mbed_toolchain.h [since mbed-os-5.3] in “extras/mbed-os.lib/platform/toolchain.h”, Line: 23, Col: 3

Warning: Function “mbed::Callback<R ()>::attach(R ()()) [with R=void]" (declared at line 271 of “/extras/mbed-os.lib/platform/Callback.h”) was declared “deprecated” in “USBDevice/USBAudio/USBAudio.h”, Line: 134, Col: 20
Warning: Function "mbed::FunctionPointerArg1<R, void>::FunctionPointerArg1(R (
)()) [with R=void]” (declared at line 72 of “/extras/mbed-os.lib/platform/FunctionPointer.h”) was declared “deprecated” in “USBDevice/USBAudio/USBAudio.cpp”, Line: 25, Col: 233
Warning: Single-precision operand implicitly converted to double-precision in “USBDevice/USBAudio/USBAudio.cpp”, Line: 118, Col: 28

Where do I start?

Hi there,

Before you get a better answer I’ll try to explain my understanding.
You need separate these warnings to sections

  • sections of warnings, what were shown because you call functions or declare objects, in the code written by you, are deprecated, were replaced by newest version and will be removed in the future.
    Here you need to see the documentation and change the code according to it

  • section of warnings what were shown only because you did first compilation/clean build. Here are precompiled all .cpp files and that it the reason why too many warnings. Usually that warnings have nothing with your code and can be ignored.

  • section of warnings what are shown in all compilations and not limited your work with the board can be also ignored but else you can ask the Board partner or Mbed staff I think.
    I do not know much about it but maybe some of these warnings can have something together with future release of MbedOS6

Source files are on github or when you use the MbedStudio you check that directly in the project tree.

BR, Jan

I broke down the warnings into groups and found one # in front of a TARGET declare in mxc_device.h would fix the majority of warning, at the least it would make all the other warning easier to find.

The others;
Someone had commented out the main.c code so the serial test program did nothing.

Next is the depreciated warning and there are many, this product was release 24 months ago, it is currently active, state of the art product yet MaximIntegrated has let it go dormant. Shame, there is no other product on the market place with the memory and low power these parts have.

I am guessing that in order to fix these ‘warning’ I have to checkout the code from https://github.com/MaximIntegrated/mbed-os fix the issues then put in a ‘pull’ request… Never done git, don’t know I have the time to learn it and finish the project I’m doing.

How does the updated code from https://github.com/MaximIntegrated/mbed-os get back to Mbed? I’ll go RTM and thanks you for the pointers, this is kind of overwhelming to someone that retired 15 years ago.

Update: Installed Mbed Studio was able to get the blink example to compile, fixed the minor warnings but the deprecated warning are many with complexities beyond my skill level, if I don’t understand why it is deprecated how can I build something else?

Mbed Studio will be nice when it is finished but for now having to track down the file generating the warning/errors and not have a functional mouse is annoying and time consuming. FYI: The examples for the board I was using did not appear in Mbed Studio.