Example Code for mbed cloud client FRDM K64F board with WIFI ESP 8266


I am having FRDM K64f board with ethernet Connectivity. but i dont want to use Ethernet.
I am using external ESP 8266 wifi chip, it is connected successfully to internet, i got IP address.

I am able to run legacy example code for mbed cloud connect, it is also connected to mbed device connector.

Now i want to connect my FRDM board by using wifi with Latest cloud portal https://portal.mbedcloud.com

Note: i am not using any SD card, using internal Flash memory of FRDM.

Is it possible with FRDM K64 board and with wifi ?
is there is any working example code for it?
is any supported document is there ??

Hi Javed,

Here is a tutorial for using the mbed-cloud-client-example with Wi-Fi (or ethernet): https://cloud.mbed.com/docs/current/connecting/qs-compiling.html

You’ll want to make sure you update your Wi-Fi hotspot information in the correct .json file and then compile using the following command: mbed compile --app-config configs/wifi_esp8266_v4.json

– Jenny, team Mbed

Thank You.

I am using Mbed online Compiler, Not Mbed Command line (CLI) tools.

with CLI tool genrated .bin file is more than 1 Mb.

But with Mbed online compiler, size is Just 400 K.

Is it right ??

Is there is any procedure mentioned for Mbed online compiler ??

Can I also work without SD Card ?? How??

I am getting Runtime Issue: DNS not Resolved., ??

Hi there, it looks like you started a new thread here: FRDM K64f mbed CLoud client integration with ESP8266(Wifi)

I will respond to you there, thanks!

– Jenny, team Mbed