Wireless Sensor Connection with Mbedcloud using ESP8266

We are using boiler machines in chemical department to create steam pressures
but during this process, huge temprature and humidity takes place whenever we use 3 water boilers working together
so we are thinking to use the Wireless Sensor to monitor the temperature and humidity produce in department by using Arduino Nano with ESP8266 and connect it to internet cloud
But as We are electric Technician we have less knowledge about cloud computing so while checking with documentation, there are some best ways I need to confirm about:

  • Create database in Mbed cloud which receives the data through temperature sensor
  • Design the Readings of temperature and humidity in Dual line graph
  • Create the application system which shut down the process of boiler system if the temprature rises from defined range
  • Share the warning system as well as power status via SMS


Your use-case appears in-line with what Mbed cloud can be used for. Here is some documentation that you may find useful for developing your application. If you need more specific technical details, or if you want a partner/Sales resource, please let us know. Thanks.

Hey @vijhar01

I have one more doubt that is possible to integrate the arduino code with python to design dashboard with line graph ?