FRDM-K66F Code not getting loaded

My FRDM-K66F board code is not getting flashed in the microcontroller.

After the completion of the flash process, the FRDM-K66F Folder shows two txt files. One is Details and other is Fail. The Fail.txt file shows following message:

error: The interface firmware FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU type: target I have attached the two files with my case application Also whenever i connect my FRDM-K66F board to my laptop the controller PCB back side gets heated. Kindly help me as it is urgent

Hi, sounds like you might be having an issue with the bootloader loaded onto the DAPlink micro. This was an issue with K64 FRDM boards. Not sure if the same is true with K66. ( You see, there is a slave micro, like a K22, that services DAPlink and the USB, Mass Storage Dev, etc. Sometimes it needs updating )

You can update the bootloader with a j link, instructions for K64 Here . There’s also a way to do with over USB, but it doesn’t always work. Hope this gives you some new ideas to try!

Oh, you can also just cut a trace and program the K66 direct with a j link or IAR debug probe.