LED1 keep blinking when I attach the board

I have FRDM-k66F board, which I have tested successfully in past.

Today I tried to test it again in new system. I followed the steps - https://armmbed.github.io/DAPLink/?board=FRDM-K66F

  1. Downloading firmware bin file from here - https://armmbed.github.io/DAPLink//firmware/0253_k20dx_frdmk66f_0x8000.bin

  2. Attaching the board keeping RESET button pressed

  3. The board appears as BOOTLOADER, so followed these steps - https://os.mbed.com/blog/entry/DAPLink-bootloader-update/

i. sudo mount -u -w -o sync /Volumes/BOOTLOADER ;
ii. cp -X 0253_k20dx_frdmk66f_0x8000.bin /Volumes/BOOTLOADER/

  1. Removed board from the system and attached again

When I attach board, RED LED1 starts blinking forever.

If I try to copy led blinking program bin file, board suddenly gets ejected and displays message “Disk not Ejected Properly, Eject FRDM-K66F before disconnecting or turning it off”.

Can someone please help me with this.
Am I doing anythign wrong?

It looks like there is an issue on K66F ver253 DAPLINK firmware, would you try the last comment here?