HAL_RCC_OscConfig ERROR on Nucleo-F767zi

Hello, I have HAL_RCC_OscConfig ERROR on Nucleo-F767zi.

There is no problem with board: it works fine with project from STM32CubeIDE.

HAL_RCC_OscConfig ERROR occurs only with mbed os 6 projects. Tried examples with VS code + Platformio and with Keil Studio Cloud. Both IDE give the same result.

Tried different value of parameter “clock_source” (Automatic clock configuration - | Mbed): still have this errors.

Could anyone help, pls?


which version of MbedOS exactly? With setup below seems to be everting OK.

  • KeilStudioCloud
  • Nucleo-F767ZI
  • MbedOS 6.17
  • blinky example

BR, Jan