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Historical data view on mbed OS

(Emilija Tasić) #1

I just managed my mbed webapp to work on my local host.(using https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-webapp-example) I can get /put/post data, but I am looking for a way to get some historical data view chart, not only the last updated value.
Any advice? Thanks.

(Jan Jongboom) #2

At the moment mbed Device Connector does not offer historical data, just an interface to connect to devices. Personally I dump my data into Bluemix or AWS.

(Emilija Tasić) #3

Thank you for your answer.
Can you give me more information on sending data to Bluemix? Is it free of charge?
Can I do that over Device Connector or maybe over my webapp with push notification or some other way?

(Jan Jongboom) #4

Take a look at this article from IBM. It should explain most things.

(Emilija Tasić) #5

Thanks, it helps a lot.