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How can I program a STM32 Nucleo board without using the on-board ST-LINK?

I don’t have any prehistoric mini-USB cable and nor can I find one in nearby stores. The board doesn’t come with one either. Can I still use my Nucleo board? How?

I should add that I have a STLink V2 programmer. Can I use that to directly program the Nucleo board?

Hello Rajat,

There are at least these two methods to program the STM32 microcontroller.

Can you please confirm which pins are SWDIO and SWDCLK on NUCLEO-F446RE? are they the same PA_13 and PA_14 as in this picture?

Connect your STLink V2 programmer to the NUCLEO-F446RE board as follows:

 STLink V2  |  NUCLEO-F446RE 
   SWDIO    |     PA_13
   SWCLK    |     PA_14
   RST      |     RESET
   GND      |     GND

The RESET pin doesn’t have to be connected. You can reset the NUCLEO board using the RESET button.

Yes it’s working that way.