How far along is Atmel's SAM R21?


I’ve been able to get “Blinky” and serial example running on the SAM R21. How far along is the wireless? According to the data sheet, AT86RF233 is embedding inside the R21. But when I try an install atmel-rf-driver, I get the following error message.

error: sal-stack-nanostack does not meet specification ^5.0.0 required by atmel-rf-driver

Hi Diego,

As the error suggests, your sal-stack-nanostack repo is pointing to an older version whereas your atmel-rf-driver repo is pointing to a sal-stack-nanostack version after 5.0.0. You either need to update your application’s module.json to point to the version 5.0.0.

You can use ‘yotta ls -a’ caoommand to check your dependency tree.