How to add an unsupported MCU/board?

Hello all,

I have a Quail board, based on a STM32F427VIT6 MCU but I did not find anything about the F427 serie in the existing platforms.

So my main question would be : what are the needed steps to support such a board on my side ?

Other related questions :

  • where do I set the pinout ?
  • how/where do I set the memory mapping ?
  • how can I choose which features I will support ? (what if I do not want SPI or I2C support, for example ?)

Sorry for such a bunch of questions but I am new to mBed and all this seems a bit daunting at first sight :slight_smile:



An overview is here. It’s a bit outdated so the paths don’t match exactly but the basic concepts are still the same. You’ll have to add a new target, implement CMSIS functions, then implement the mbed HAL.

Feature support is in targets.json DEVICE_HAS property.

Thank you !

I will dig that.

@becafuel did you ever get this up and running?