Possible to export project from mbed studio eller keil to Eclipse?

I like eclipse and wish to be able to export mbed projects to eclipse as I was doing before.
Is there a way to do so?


Mbed Studio - Exporters - Exporting a program | Mbed Studio Documentation

Better option will be find a way how to start project directly in eclipse instead of export project to it.

For exporting was useful MbedCli I think, however

BR, Jan

HI, and thanks for your reply.
It is a big problem.
How should I do for all my old projects? based on Makefile+eclipse?
Is there any tutorial how you use mbed from github with eclipse if you don’t use online IDE or mbestudio?

Try to use Mbed CLI for export to Eclipse, but how was written above, its exporters can be obsolete - Exporting - Build tools | Mbed OS 6 Documentation

The main problem around exporters is maintenance. Every time is a new version of any IDE released you need to check changes and update exporters.

BR, Jan