How to install the arm compiler amrcc

I am new to the mbed and I am trying the blinky example via yotta.
I am using the board LPC1768 and I set the target as nxp-lpc1768-armcc
however when I try yotta build the yotta told me that the arm toolchain program armcc could not be found
I didnt find anything about this toolchain in the yotta install guide
Would someone like to help me?

armcc is available as part of ARM’s DS5 tools:

Please note that lpc1768 isn’t (yet!) an officially supported mbed OS board, all of the officially supported boards can also be compiled with the open-source gcc toolchain available here:

ARMCC also comes with the Keil MDK. It has a code size limit, but it might be enough to get you started:

You might have to add the actual compiler to your PATH for yotta to find it if the MDK installer doesn’t already do that.