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Ignition problem of my NUCLEO-L476RG board

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my board, I connected it to the computer without installing the STSW-LINK, I proceeded to download STSW-LINK009 now I connect the board to the computer and none of the LEDs that indicate that it is on do not turn on. I would like to know if my card is damaged or what I can do to make my PC recognize it.

I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Hello Diana,

  • Power led (red LD3 on PCB) and the multicolor led of ST link (LD1 on PCB) must be on after power up.
  • When the board is new one or with blinky example green led will blink (LD2 on PCB).
  • the 2MB flash disk must be visible also without any drivers. Drivers are for St-link and VCP.
  • try to change USB cable and USB port on your USB HOST

BR, Jan