After importing an old project to Keil Studio there many errors are highlighted in red

I have an old project using the STM32f303K8T6.
I imported the project to Keil Studio. It compiles fine, but it shows underlined red errors all over.
I think this project used mbed os2, so might that be an issue. I’m not sure how well the STM32f303 is supported in later versions.

Hi @brianmarshall,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We added support for C/C++ intellisense for Mbed 2 projects. It is however not perfect yet. We are working on improving it.

Arek - Studio team


STM32f303K8 (Nucleo-F303k8) is still supported in latest MbedOS (6.15.1) with Bare metal profile.
However if there is the Mbed 2 as an option, it seems to be reasonable and especially with this low memory target.

BR, Jan