Search results still being highlighted in code even though search box cleared

This is more about optics.

I’m using MBED Studio on Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

Steps to follow.

Right click on folder of choice and select “Find in Folder”
Enter a search term… in my example I entered “List”
It will then return you with a list of files with those search terms.
Click on a file of choice to open.
Now on left hand side click on icon “Clear Search Results”.

This clears the search terms on the left but I am still left with all my old search results highlighted in the file.

You have to close the file and reopen file (or close/reopen mbed studio) to clear the result on the file itself.

Hi @gerriko, thanks for the report.

I’ve confirmed the issue is also present on Windows and I’ve added it to our bug tracker. Hopefully we’ll have a fix for this in an upcoming update.

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