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Is it possible to publish with multiple branches?

I’m trying to edit and commit on the Mbed online compiler and publish it to the Mbed repository.
This is a multi-person editing project, so I want to create and manage branches like Git.
However, there is no such thing as branch switching on the Mbed repository page. Also, when I try to publish on an online compiler with multiple branches present, I get a warning.
Is there a smart way for multiple people to edit a project in parallel?

I have no experience with a coop, but how I remember I saw something about that in documentation of the Online compiler maybe it will help.

BR, Jan

Hello, thank you for your reply.
I’ve browsed the documents you gave me.
Unfortunately, the document told me to merge and then publish.
In my project, it doesn’t fit in well with the style of doing the merge every time.
Sincerely yours, Keito Tanizaki.