Keil Studio Cloud vs Keil MDK

We have been developing mainly bare metal designs for our own (custom) boards using Keil MDK (uVision4 and 5) and would like to start using Keil Studio Cloud or Mbed Studio for some projects using Mbed OS.
It is true that the main focus of Keil Studio Cloud is rapid prototyping for available development boards? So how is the support for custom boards implemented?

Keil Studio Cloud and Mbed Studio both support the export to Keil MDK (uVision). So at some moment within the development a change from Studio Cloud to MDK could be possible.
Currently I do not have an overview of what features, interfaces and middleware is supported and available within MDK which is not present within Studio Cloud and visa versa. Do you have a feature comparison between Studio Cloud and the different MDK editions (like Keil MDK)?
As part of the project budget we have to take the different license costs of MDK in to account when we have to change over from Studio Cloud to one of the MDK editions.

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