Linux version fails to list/delete projects correctly (as seen on IDE)

I noticed some odd behaviour on my Linux version, which does not occur on the Windows10 version, as I checked.

For some reason if I create a 3rd new project, it fails to list the project title on the left side bar. A screenshot explains it better…

A similar issue happens with delete. If I have two or more projects listed and then delete one, it does not remove the title listed on the side bar.

I have to close and reload the IDE to resolve both cases.

Hi Gerriko,

This problem exists only on Linux and is due to max limit of files that can be watched in the workspace. It is described here:

Issue exists also in VSCode. You can find a solution here:

Unfortunately Mbed OS has a lot of files and limit is hit after 2 programs. It can however be easily increased.

Arek - Mbed Studio team

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