MBED Studio 1.2 renaming a folder problem

I’m using Linux OS (Ubuntu 18.04)

I have updated to MBED Studio 1.2.

When I right click mouse on a project folder and choose rename it no longer works correctly.


Right click on folder and choose rename. Dialog box opens and enter new folder name. Then click ok.

With MBED Studio 1.1 this will then renamed the folder.

Now with MBED Studio 1.2 the old folder name remains but I cannot see any of my files. If you try the rename option again the dialog box does not appear.

I have to close MBED Studio and reopen for it to correctly update.

In file manager on Linux it does in fact show that the folder was renamed. It is just not showing in MBED Studio.

Hi @gerriko,

We do not think that this issue is connected to Mbed Studio 1.2.0. We think that it is a known issue on Linux connected to a default max limit of files that can be watched in the workspace. It is documented in https://os.mbed.com/docs/mbed-studio/current/known-issues/index.html. The same issue exists also in VSCode on Linux. You can find here on how to increase the default limit: https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/setup/linux#_visual-studio-code-is-unable-to-watch-for-file-changes-in-this-large-workspace-error-enospc.
We were thinking about setting the limit in the installer but decided that this action should be performed by the user as it impacts other applications on the system. We will add however a proper message when the limit is reached in Studio.

Arek - Mbed Studio team

Hi Arek

You may well be right, it is just that this never happened with version 1.1.

All I am doing is creating a single blinky example in the IDE and then when trying to rename the folder, once it has been created, it locks up.

Another thing I’ve just discovered is that this also only happens if I include MBEDOS in the project/program folder. If I use that new link option for MBED OS then I can rename the folder within Mbed Studio.