LPCXpresso55S69 supported?

Ist the board LPCXpresso55S69 supported? I tried to import the lpc55s69 blinky project, but MBEDStudio refused to import it.

Thanks + Regards

Hi Joerg,

I managed to import this program into Mbed Studio 0.7.0 on Win 10 and compile it. What version of Mbed Studio are you using and what OS are you on? If it doesn’t work for you it seems like a bug and would definitely be worth reporting with logs attached!

Hi Adam,

thanks for your interest :slight_smile: I think I found a problem. I am using Mbed Studio 0.7.0 on Windows 7 (64bit). My steps to create the issue are:

  1. Create a new workspace (“c:\users\Jörg\Mbed Programs 2”) - empty workspace gets opened
  2. Select File/Import Program…, select the blinky example URL from the link you mentioned
  3. “Make this the active program” checked, press “Add Program”: At the bottom appears a note that background task is going on. After 2 seconds at the top the message appears “Failed to create program example-blinky-lpc55s69”. No program is imported.

Actually, the character “ö” in the workspace path is the issue. If I open a workspace path with standard ASCII chars only I can import the project.

But not build it! I have selected the LPCXpresso55s69 target. When I press the build button (hammer symbol) I get a message: “Please select a valid target to build for”.
The Target “LPCXpresso55s69” has an information symbol. When hovering over it it says: “LPCXpresso55s69 may only compile using a bare metal profile” - is this an issue?