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MAX32666FTHR target

I am trying to use freshly purchased MAX32666FTHR board with Mbed. Tried different variants to compile the binary for MAX32625PICO target, but flashing of the binary is obviously failed.
Is target definition something that depends from OS support or I can define new target board by myself? Does Mbed OS support MAX32665-32668 CPUs?

Thanks for you reples.


Maxim supports only those targets what are used on those boards under Mbed.

BR, Jan

Thank you for fast reply, @JohnnyK ! And thank you for the links.
Since I have just started to work with Mbed OS it would probably be easy to start with older board (MAX32630FTHR) that is already present in the targets and be familiar with entire process.

The MAX32666FTHR catched also my eyes, it has a fantastic feature set in a great form factor.
Would be huge if we could program that board using Mbed.

I never ported any boards and without any experience in that regard the doc does not help me much to do that. Maybe some users who own that board could form a group to port that to Mbed. ??

I would like to participate, but today is a first time I programmed MAX32630FTHR with Mbed and need some more experience for transition to the next board. Target is MAX32666FTHR because it has a bluetooth. For my size critical application internal bluetooth saves space.

but today is a first time I programmed MAX32630FTHR

In that case this topic might be interesting for you to avoid some unexpected experiences with that board.

thousands thanks to you, @projectX_V ! This is exactly what I have. Didn’t understand why instead of 3.3V on board output I have around 0.8V.
I imported library and made required initialization as you suggested there and now it works!