MC60 2G Module Library support

Hi, I am developing a telemetry device for the vending machines to track all necessary real-time data. Hardware which we are using Nuvoton IoT-M487 with Quectel MC60(2G) module. I like to follow the AWS IoT example using BG96 from the Mbed-Os repository, because the example explaining GSM-based Mqtt test applications like connection, subscribe, and publish. Will it be a good option or do I need to follow any other option because mbed-os new to me but I learned how to configure using JSON file. Kindly give your guidance to achieve the results. (Any driver or library available for MC60(Any 2G module)).


I didn’t find driver on Mbed OS to support Quectel MC60 directly. Maybe you can try Quectel M26 or generic 3GPP driver.

Because you use Nuvoton NuMaker IoT-M487 board, please refer this video NuMaker-IoT-M487 (4) Use NB-IoT or 4G LTE on Mbed OS - YouTube
The cellular configuration uses generic 3GPP driver. Please try it on MC60.

Ya thanks. I tried with generic driver it is working fine.