Mbed crash before main()

I am running Mbed 5.15 on an LPC1768

My program crashes before it gets to the first line of my code! (Which is a printf).

The output shows the registers especially:
++ MbedOS Error Info ++
Error Status: 0x80FF013D Code: 317 Module: 255
Error Message: Fault exception
Location: 0x165A
Error Value: 0x10000EE0
Current Thread: main Id: 0x100017B4 Entry: 0x13A45 StackSize: 0x1000 StackMem: 0x20082978 SP: 0x20083884

ACcording to the map, this might be
0x0000164a 0x0000004e Code RO 35307 .text c:\ProgramData\Mbed Studio\mbed-studio-tools\ac6\bin…\lib\armlib\c_w.l(rt_memclr_w.o)

being called from
0x00013a44 0x00000014 Code RO 32743 .text.mbed_start BUILD/LPC1768/ARMC6/mbed-os/rtos/source/TARGET_CORTEX/mbed_boot.o

If it is, can you help explaining why it never gets to my code?