Mbed online simulator is a must

Hi friends,

I would like to emphasize the work made by Jan Jongboom with the ONLINE MBED SIMULATOR. Please, keep it up MBED team! This is a must for the MBED ecosystem.

I`m an electrical engineering professor, with around 180 students per year, that uses MBED enabled ARM platforms for laboratory classes with prototypical applications.

After this (long lasting) COVID-19 outbreak, we professors are facing another challenge when trying to set up laboratory and practical classes with embedded electronics. We are not able (yet) to put the students, altogether, in the same working environment for hands on activities. Even in small groups, with face shields and masks, these scenarios are complicated.

The access to such online simulator is a great opportunity for the students to test and try some microcontroller concepts, before any laboratory classes, cheap, and without the immediate need of a hardware board kit in his house.

I would like to apply for beta testing, as long with some other teachers and colleagues, to support this simulator environment.

From August, up to November, I will have 180 beta students to help you with!

My congratulations for all efforts. They are fundamental to establish this “new normal” way of living, teaching and developing things!

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