Mbed-os folder to be under version control?

Was not sure about the forum for this question.

I want the mbed-os folder to be under version control in git.
changing the gitignore file does only have effect on all but not the mbed-os folder.

Using Windows 10 client and Sourcetree/Bitbucket as git system.

No matter what, sourcetree does not show up mbed-os folder to put it under version control.
I did some patches and reworks on my mbed-os for my custom board so I want it to be saved and version controlled in git.

Does anybody know why I cannot get the folder under version control? Is it just a linked directory or something?

Thanks and best regards


maybe create a fork of Mbed OS repo to your own repo, then import it to your project and make changes how you need.

BR, Jan

Cant get it to work. I just want to have a copy of the mbed-os folder in my repo. Copied the folder manually on hard drive but sourcetree does not show it to commit it. Looks like the folder is not physically there.