Save mbed Sourcecode modifications within KEIL Studio Cloud?

I work with the RTC of the FRDM K64F, but it returns to the default state after switching off the board. I found a post by KevMan (for version mbed-os 5.10.0 ++) in the archived mbed forums, which mentions an entry in the file rtc_api.c in the sub folder api of the folder
TARGET_MCUExpresso_MCUS named “static bool rtc_time_set”. This is to be set to TRUE. If I do this, then I have the problem that I can’t save any mbed SourceCode in the KEIL Studio CLOUD.
Is there a possibility to save the changes in the mbed sources? Or is there in the meantime a completely different solution for the functioning of the RTC on the K64F?
Thanks in advance for any support.

Hi @Iluman,

I’m not sure if there is a different solution for RTC on K64F. Let me however answer the first question:

Is there a possibility to save the changes in the mbed sources?
My understanding is that the rtc_api.c file you modify is located inside mbed-os folder. Is that correct? There is a difference in Mbed Studio and Keil Studio Cloud when it comes to mbed-os folder. In Mbed Studio all files inside mbed-os can be modified as each project has a separate copy of Mbed OS folder on your local disk. In Keil Studio Cloud on the other hand mbed-os folder (with correct version) is linked to your project in workspace and as a user you only have readonly privileges.

It is possible in Keil Studio Cloud to use your own copy of Mbed OS. You will then have rights to modify all files inside of it.

  1. Create a fork of GitHub - ARMmbed/mbed-os: Arm Mbed OS is a platform operating system designed for the internet of things on your Github
  2. Point your project at forked version of Mbed OS library

Drawbacks: Keep in mind that the clone operation in Keil Studio Cloud will be quite long and may take few minutes. It is due to the fact that the whole Mbed OS would have to be cloned into your workspace (instead of linked).

Arek - Studio team