Mbed OS on nRF52 and/or Mbed OS for nRF51 with Security Features(peermanager and Encryption)Support


I am upgrading from nRF51(nRF51822-7.1.0SDK with mbed) to  nRF52(nRF52832-17.0.0 SDK with SDK-OS) . The issue is that the sample nRF52SDK(17.0.0 SDK) used doesn't contain a layer of mbed OS SDK. This layer of mBed OS has a different package which is a third party software and has to be downloaded and added to the SDK as a module. But, the nRF52SDK(17.0.0 SDK) has a different OS layer and seems to me that the having this along with the mBED os would create issue and might create a deadlock condition when two schedulers run continuously. The SDK-OS has features like the peer manager and Oberon encryption layer which is very much needed. I just wanted to know, if there are any examples which are presently available to ensure that the peer manager or Oberon Layer can be run using Mbed OS layer? 

The initial SDK which was used was Mbed-OS package which was part of the SDK 7.1.0 but the later version of nRF51 SDK and nRF51 SDK have stopped support for mbed and needs to be added as a special package. Can there be any example of HRS-Relay on nRF51 support (specifically to nRF51822) or compatible with nRF51822-MKIT?

The two mention request would solve my issue ,so any hints/suggestion in this regard would be really helpful.

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