MBed Studio 1.3 - Open workspace issue


I’ve installed the v1.3 and cannot open my programs anymore.
The “Open Workspace” doesn’t open a folder anymore but Theia or VSCode workspace files !
As I don’t have those files, how can I open a program from its folder as previous ?


Hi Frédéric,

Mbed Studio 1.3.0 should still allow you to pick a folder to open as a workspace from the File > Open Workspace menu, so this is probably a bug.

What operating system are you running? Also, is there a workspace currently open in the UI, or are you seeing a message that there is no workspace open?

Thanks for the report,

I’m under Windows 10 pro 2004.
File > Open Workspace menu is only trying to open a file and not a folder.
By default it opens the default workspace “Mbed programs”, if I remove them it indicates that no workspace is opened and shows a “Open folder” button under the build profile combo box, but if I click on it nothing happen => Cannot still open a workspace.
My workaround was to modify the recentworkspace.json (in C:\Users\fnu\AppData\Local\Mbed Studio ) to add my program folder…


Thanks for the update.

Could you check if the “Support Multi Root Workspace” preference is set for you please? You can open preferences from File > Settings.

If so, does unsetting it fix your issue?

When I set it on my machine, I see the same behaviour that you do. I think this preference should not be exposed.

Mbed Studio team

Well done !
That was the problem.
Now the Open Workspace menu let me choose a folder and not a file !


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