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Mbed Studio connection over proxy with password protection


Mbed Studio won’t let me connect over our proxy-protected internet connection with user authentication.

I’ve set the environment variables http_proxy and https_proxy as requested but to no avail.

I’ve learned that this only happens upon the first time login. However the computers are used by many different users with their own respective accounts (school context) so this is likely to happen many times.

How do I connect in this case?

Thank you very much in advance!

Thomas Hess


Before someone will help to solve that.

When I had issues like this in past I did followed workaround.

  • disconnect the ethernet cable from PC
  • make USB modem from your mobil phone
  • login
  • connect the ethernet back

I do not say, that will 100% work for you.

BR, Jan

Hello Jan,

thank you for the hint. As this is an educational school context the pupils are neither allowed to change existing hardware configurations nor connecting the computers over unprotected personal hotspots via their mobile phones, unfortunately.

I expected Mbed Studio being able to deal with these standard network configurations as other IDEs do.

So, still hoping for a feasible solution …

Thanks again and best regards!