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Mbed Studio deletes itself when updating?

Turned on my laptop for the first time in a few months and the desktop icon for Mbed Studio was blank. Windows reports the program no longer there and suggests deleting the shortcut. There is an Mbed Studio folder in Program Files, and an %APPDATA%/Roaming folder so it’s possible it’s just failed to update the shortcuts?

I’ve seen this before, a year or so ago I started the update when prompted by the IDE - I think something must have went wrong / disrupted it and I ended up with no IDE installed - or at least, new shortcuts weren’t created. It felt at the time like the update process was to remove the old, then install the new - which leaves no fall-back if the installation goes wrong. My guess is that this has happened again somehow?

I never uninstalled it - I was actively using it last time my laptop was on. I can’t tell you what version it was. Anyone else had this?

TL;DR - For the second time, MBed Studio update has left me unable to launch it.

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I can confirm this behaviour, this has happened to me several times!