V0.7 unable to update tools

After a recent automatic update from 0.61 to 0.7, when stating Mbed Studio an update check is performed and it informs me that there are some updates:


I click “Update” and the “Background Tasks” notification remains spinning at 0% for as long as I care to leave it.


Can this be easily resolved? What’s the URL it’s trying to reach (so I can trace it manually).

I’ve sent logs via the "Help->Report an Issue " menu but that was over a month ago.

Any assistance gratefully received.

Hi Chris, thanks for trying Mbed Studio! Here’s some steps to try to fix your issue.

The URLs for updating the tools look like this:

Windows: https://studio.mbed.com/tools/mac/example-projects/example-projects-1.2.0.zip
Mac: https://studio.mbed.com/tools/win/example-projects/example-projects-1.2.0.zip

Can you access these from your machine?

It’s also possible that the tools update has got into an inconsistent state somehow. The tools are stored at this path:

Windows: %HOME%\AppData\Local\Mbed Studio\mbed-studio-tools
Mac: $HOME/Library/Application Support/Mbed Studio/mbed-studio-tools

Is there an “update” directory under this path? If so, try stopping Mbed Studio, deleting this “update” directory, then starting Mbed Studio again.

Otherwise, try reinstalling Mbed Studio: uninstall Mbed Studio, download the installer from https://os.mbed.com/studio, then install again.

Hi Matthew, thanks for your reply.

Both the URLs work fine on my machine - I think you had them switched btw :slight_smile: but it looks like they’re the same file anyway…

Regarding the tools path, there is no ‘update’ folder.

After uninstall & reinstalling from 0.7 installer the update check shows everything up to date now from the get-go. I guess the upgrade from 0.61 to 0.7 was partially incomplete (?)

Anyhow it’s fixed now :smiley: