MBED Studio Linux install assumes /root/.ssh/known_hosts folder already exists

I happen to have an old Windows 7 laptop which I have just swapped over to Linux. I am still playing around with different distro’s so not much installed.

I have just installed MBED Studio (again). This time I just used the
sudo ./MbedStudio.sh -F mbedinstall.log command, i.e. left out the -q flag

I noticed this time that the terminal output stated:
Adding github ssh key…
bash: /root/.ssh/known_hosts: No such file or directory

Note, that the last line is also not included in the log file.

So, now what?

I can manually create the “.ssh/known_hosts” folder but how do I retrospectively add the mbed github ssh key?

As a suggestion, it would help if this information about the “/root/.ssh/known_hosts” folder is included in the installation documentation.

Hi Gerriko,

which version of Linux are you using?

On Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 we try to add the github ssh key to /home/<username>/.ssh/known_hosts, and not /root/.ssh/known_hosts. This should be the reason you see this error.

Kind Regards,

Federico - Mbed Studio Team

Using Linux Mint 19 (based on Ubuntu 18.04).

It’s not clear in the documentation (Silent Installation page) where to place the install script (MbedStudio.sh) file as this may also have something to do with this issue too.

Having installed more than once, I also observed the following.

If this install file is downloaded and left in say the “/home//downloads” folder and you execute the routine creates a tmp folder where follows through and creates another folder. After installation, this tmp folder and the MbedStudio subfolder remain. They do not get deleted. If I place the script (MbedStudio.sh) file in say “/home/mbedinstall” folder or say “usr/local/mbedinstall” it creates the tmp folder and follows through with installation and then deletes the tmp folder and correctly cleans up install process.



Hi Gerriko,

until version 19.10 Ubuntu was patching the sudo command so it behaved differently from other platforms. I don’t know if these changes were preserved by Linux Mint, but that might be a reason for the behavior you see.

As you noticed, the Mbed Studio installer creates a temporary folder. If that is not deleted when the script ends, it probably means that some error occurred.

Can you please re-run the installer using the -f options and send the logs (the mbed-studio.log file) to studio@mbed.com.

Thank you,