MbedStudio 1.0.0 on Linux

> ./MbedStudio-1.0.0.sh
Please run as root

Umm… No…

Hi Pawel,

Mbed Studio needs to be installed with sudo rights because we need to modify the udev rules in order to be able to detect and interact with the boards connected to your machine.

In the future we might make this more explicit or ask for sudo access only for some specific operations.

Thank you for pointing this out.

Federico - Mbed Studio team

I managed to perform a manual installation without elevating privileges, but now it requires root credentials to update … something? Not itself, because it already has full access to its files and directories. Then what exactly? How? I won’t risk damaging my system.

The whole point of me using Linux is transparency and package managers. 3rd party software asking for administrative privileges and then doing something behind PM back without a word of explanation is against good practices.

First: you seem to officially support Ubuntu only. Why not then distribute MbedStudio as either DEB or Snap? Yes, it would ask root credentials anyway, but at least OS would be aware what was added/modified.

Second: a dodgy update without explanation. That’s what package dependencies are for. If you absolutely must do out-of-band updates, install them locally into user’s MbedStudio directory, without elevating privileges. That’s how VSCode and Atom handle binary additions/updates, for example. IntelliJ family is totally managed from user-account level, without ever asking root privilege. Embedded programming is managed by system-native programs, user is advised on how to install them manually.

“Grant administrative privileges and ask no questions” and hope for the best is so Windows…

Hi Pawel,

unfortunately DEBs and Snaps have some technical limitations that would make the installation process problematic for Mbed Studio. Also in the future we might consider adding support for different distributions. On top of this you have to consider that the codebase is the same that we use on Windows and Mac, and this introduces some restrictions on what we can do.

But we do appreciate your feedback and hopefully we will make more explicit what we need sudo access for.

Federico - Mbed Studio team