Mbed Studio not accepting login credentials


I recently installed mbed studio 1.4.6 onto Debian 12 Bookworm using the following command in Konsole.

./MbedStudio-1.4.6.sh -y -F mbed_studio.log

However, once installed, the login screen would not accept my login credentials. Thinking this might be a problem with the latest version, I then uninstalled “…1.4.6” and installed “…1.4.5”. This earlier version also refused to accept my login credentials. I should state that each version seemed to install without generating any errors or warnings. I should also state that these same credentials allow me to login to the Mbed forums, so the system does recognize these credentials.

Yes, I am(!) providing the correct email and password. Is there a known workaround for this ?


I’m facing the same issue, anyone able to solve this yet?

Hello @Isabella_Kai,

Are you using Debian as well?

As highlighted in this post, we test Mbed Studio on Ubuntu 64-bit for Linux (Long Term Support distributions receiving maintenance updates) only.